Five Ways Ergonomic Carton Flow Shelving Can increase Profits

Are you a little hesitant about plunking down the money for an ergonomic carton flow shelving system?  Do you think your warehouse isn’t quite big enough and that order pickers are just fine walking through aisles of static shelving?  Studies show that pickers spend about 75 percent of their time searching for the right product, leaving only 25 percent of time to actually fulfill and ship orders.  If you could turn that around and fill more orders, make more profit and streamline your business, you might be more inclined to invest in a flow system.

Ergonomic Carton Flow Racks

Whether your inventory consists of perishable items or seasonal merchandise, carton flow shelving makes complete sense.  The usual first-in, first-out applies, so that you can track the order of product flow and dates easily.  There is enough variety in the types of carton flow shelving available in the marketplace that you’ll find the right one for you – from gravity flow to tracks.  A carton flow shelving system in general can make your business more profitable because:

  1. It’s time efficient. Ergonomic carton flow shelving significantly reduces the amount of time spent and distance walked by order pickers.  Instead of walking around on foot or spending time on a forklift searching for the correct product, the shelving system brings the product to you.  Pickers are able to be more accurate and complete more orders when they don’t have to go everywhere on foot.
  2. It increases productivity. Because pickers are not wasting time walking around the warehouse, they are able to pick more product and fulfill more orders.  What you may have considered a low-volume warehouse just became a busy, high-inventory turn-over supply house!  Your clients will be grateful, and your company will be more profitable.
  3. It’s organized. An ergonomic carton flow system allows for dense inventory where necessary, and it helps keep your inventory organized.  No more visual inventories done on foot throughout the entire warehouse.  No more thinking you were out of stock on a certain product, only to find a dozen cases hidden and stacked against a back wall.  Your product is organized using FIFO, so your older inventory is always forward.  You have accurate dates of sale and product release.  Because a carton flow system allows for simultaneous restock and picking, your time is cut down on figuring out what needs to be ordered.   You can use those extra hours to cultivate new product sales.
  4. It’s adjustable. You can adjust the rate of flow, the order of flow, and just about any aspect that will customize it to your business.  If you are having the system installed by your retail store design team or warehouse retailer, they can show you the best adjustments for your business.  Rest easy if you decided to do it yourself.  Carton flow racks are easy to assemble and adjust.  Done correctly, this, in turn, will save time and money because you’re not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.  The system is tailored to your business needs.
  5. It’s growth-friendly. That’s why you should consider an ergonomic carton flow system now, even if you think your inventory turn-over isn’t big enough to warrant it.  The racks come in a variety of depths, from three feet to 8 feet, and a variety of widths, from 12 inches to 16 inches.  You can add on different pieces as needed.  Carton flow systems require very little maintenance.  They are built for reliability and long-term use.

Ergonomic carton flow racks will help you rack up your profits, if you take advantage of their best features.  Call Everything Warehouse today to see how the racks can work for you.

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