Pallet Rack Uprights

The structural integrity of your storage space, along with the strength and amount of weight your storage will be able to hold, relies heavily on the pallet racking uprights you choose. Choosing a pallet rack that suits your warehouse’s needs will not only ensure that the pallet racks will be able to support the load they have to carry, but will also make sure they interlock firmly with any pallet rack storage already in place. To be certain you choose the correct option for your needs, the variety of choices are listed below.

Double or Single Uprights

The way in which your warehouse is configured, and the type of materials that you are storing, will determine whether a double or single pallet racking upright is the best option for you. The right choice depends on your materials and can be deciphered below:

  • Single Uprights – This is the best option for storing materials like hoses, tubing, pipes, and boards.
  • Double Uprights – This is the best option for supporting horizontal storage platforms like those made from plywood or mesh. These offer added firmness when rows of racks are stored back to back.

Pallet Racking Upright Connectors

The types of connections you choose for your pallet racking upright can be a mix of multiple types. An extremely popular connector is what is known as the “teardrop,” which offers strength and stable support. Look through connectors and be sure they can be used with the pallet rack uprights you choose.

New or Used Pallet Racking Uprights

Choosing new or used pallet racking uprights depends on your warehouse’s needs. If you feel that you require a specific pallet racking upright, these new materials will be manufactured with your individual requirements in mind. If you choose this option, you can specify the gauge of the steel and the connection type that you prefer. You can select the color of your choice, and the load strength you would like.

By choosing specifics like these, you can ensure that the pallet rack uprights will be providing maximum efficiency and improved safety.

If a used pallet racking upright has been used and stored in an indoor climate and has been taken care of, they will be just as strong as choosing new materials. A pallet rack upright can rust if it has been left outside or exposed to other elements, so it is important to make sure this is not the situation before purchasing. There may be a few chips in the paint or marks from normal wear and tear, but these will not affect the strength or stability of your pallet rack upright.

If you are searching for the right pallet racking uprights for your warehouse’s needs, consider the design and layout of your facility, as well as the materials you are storing and transporting, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and the lowest possible price. Consider every aspect, and speak to a professional who can offer you advice on pricing and availability.

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