Wire Decking for Pallet Racks

If you’re tired of chasing dust bunnies around your shelves or dealing with pieces of wood shelving collecting dirt, a wire decking system may be the solution. A wire deck is a metal mesh grid that provides support and safety for products stored on the rack. Wire decking is one of the easiest shelving systems to install and provides shelving that “breathes.”

No more dust accumulation on your shelves thanks to sturdy, industrial-strength wire decking. Your inventory will require less maintenance and will always have a fresh, new appearance. Any pallets that my be falling through the pallet rack structure are no longer a problem with wire decking.

Everything Warehouse has the largest variety of used and new decking ready to be shipped to your home or office from our Baltimore, Mayland headquaters.

Types of Wire Decks

Wire decking solutions are perfect for any number of products, from pharmaceuticals to groceries.

At Everything Warehouse, you can choose from a variety of new and used wire decking.

Standard Step Wire

The standard step wire has channel supports resting inside the step beam. The standard step wire deck is the most popular option for pallet racks.

Universal Flared Wire

The flared end of these wire mesh decks can be used for structural beams, box beams or non-standard step beams. Waterfall edges provide extra security and pallet support.

Inside Flush Wire Decking

Instep, or flush, mesh decking is often used for applications that require the deck to be flushed with the beam. This is ideal when identification labels must be used.

Inside Waterfall Wire Decking

In these decks, the wire decking end connects with the inside of the step beams. The decks are less secure that standard waterfall decking, but the beam remains clear for labeling. It is a popular option for lower levels on beam uprights.

Inverted Step Wire

The channel supports are inverted on these wire decks in order to reduce debris and moisture building up. These wire decks are a great option for food storage.

Inverted Flared Wire Decks

The flared end of these wire mesh decks are inverted in order to reduce the build-up of dirt, grime, and moisture. Another great option for food storage.

Wire Deck Accessories

Wire deck accessories, such as column protectors or hanging dividers, are also available to help make your warehouse more organized.

Advantages of Wire Decking

Similar to wire shelving, decking lays across your shelving and adds extra support. Some of the advantages of wire decking include:

  • Increased stability and safety
  • Easy, drop-in installation
  • Galvanized steel grade metal support
  • Improved inventory visibility
  • More flexible storage

Wire decking also allows for better pallet flow as items are easily stored without having to use a pallet for organization.

Sizing Available

Everything Warehouse offers any size wire decking that your warehouse may need.

Here are a sample of some sizes available:

Wire Decking

24" X 46"$13.88
36" X 46"$14.88
42" X 46"$15.88
42" X 52"$21
48" X 46"$22

Wire Decking Installationwire-decking-installation

Wire decking is easy to install and simply drops into place. However, if you’re in the process of laying out a new warehouse, Everything Warehouse is here to help with choosing your wire decking and installing it.

Our team is experienced in designing and installing warehouse racking, decking, shelves and everything in between. Whether you choose a waterfall, flared, standard, or galvanized style, we have you covered. If you have some warehouse material handling, such as rivet shelves, we can help guide you in choosing the accessories that will make your warehouse more organized, efficient and safe.

Wire Decking for Pallet Rack Solutions

Just like our range in size, we offer a range in price to accommodate any budget. Our warehouse professionals are constantly purchasing liquidations from major distributors and retailers so that we can offer the best prices in the industry.

Every Warehouse is unique and has its own circumstances. We can help you find the wire decking and sizes that best suit all your warehouse needs.