Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Designed specifically to handle extremely heavy and long stock, heavy duty cantilever racks are the ideal choice for items that are too long or too bulky to store on pallet racks or gravity flow racks. This includes lumber, pipes, sheet metal, or tubes. The rack’s steel construction means it can stand up to extremely heavy loads, and a variety of different rack sizes will hold whatever you need them to.

Why Choose Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking?

As warehouses start to expand their product lines while decreasing overhead expenses, the need to save on efficient storage space continues to become a higher priority. While some companies choose to increase their facility footprint or move to a larger space, the majority of warehouses simply do not have this luxury.

What is the best option for the bulk of these companies? Move upwards, not outwards. In other words, begin considering the ways in which you could utilize the space above the floor. While floor space is usually filled up with operations and storage, vertical space can be used efficiently and at a reduced cost compared to other options.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack vs Conventional Pallet Rack

Heavy duty cantilever racks are more efficient and reliable for the storage of large, bulky items that have a range of lengths and size proportions. While the horizontal load carrying arms of the cantilever rack system extend outward from a single column, the pallet rack design only includes front columns.

Since heavy duty cantilever racks are not restricted by front columns, this system can provide complete horizontal access with no lost storage space due to its structure.

Increased Safety in Your Warehouse

Safety can increase in your warehouse as a result of choosing to install heavy duty cantilever racks. The safety of your staff will improve since the vertical storage will decrease the amount of tripping hazards on the ground floor. The increase in open floor space will improve forklift safety as well.

Potential Savings and Increase in ROI

One of the most important factors in installing your racking system is the return on investment it will bring to your business. After installing your new heavy duty cantilever racking system, you can fill the racks with product which would otherwise be much further away. With this change, the efficiency of the warehouse should increase, and the length of the trips required to carry product back and forth will greatly decrease.

Heavy duty racks offer maximum support, strength and capacity for storing heavy and long stock with ease. Would your warehouse benefit from making the move to a heavy duty racking system?