Pallet Rack Beams

Today, more and more businesses are making the decision to purchase quantities in bulk. This is most likely due to the great range of benefits. Better inventory management, lower ordering costs, and simpler shipping, to name a few. All of these items need somewhere to go, which is why businesses are choosing pallet rack beams now more than ever before. Pallet rack beams are a safe and secure method to hold and store bulk products in a way that is easy to access and easy to load and unload. Now, with pallet racking and pallet rack beams,

Now, with pallet racking and pallet rack beams, the maximum storage capacity can be provided efficiently and at an affordable cost. On top of this, they can be used with pallet jacks, forklifts, and cherry pickers, so you can use every bit of space available in your warehouse with convenience and durability.

Pallet Rack Beam Uses

Pallet rack beams are most commonly used for industrial storage, warehouse applications, and retail storefronts. The adaptability, versatility, and durability under heavy loads make pallet beams a necessary choice. By using them your warehouse can obtain an open design, making inventory checks and item retrieval extremely easy.

Pallet Rack Beam Assembly

Pallet rack beams are extremely easy to assemble and set up, despite their size and weight. The frames are welded together so that all that is required on your part to set up is to insert the load bearing studs form the step beam into the teardrop shaped slots of the upright. Then, you will need to apply pressure so that the beams lock into the channels. In order to relocate your beams and shelves, use a rubber mallet to disengage the locked studs. Tap the step beam and pop it out of the teardrop opening.

Pallet Rack Beam Benefits

When you choose pallet racking beams to utilize every inch of your warehouse and store your product, some of the benefits include:

  • Steel construction supports heavy loads
  • Steel construction increases safety
  • Saves floor space
  • Bolted to ground for added stability and security
  • Numerous accessories on the market to customize your specific needs
  • Adjustable, to grow with your space
  • Low maintenance
  • In the event of pieces being damaged or breaking, replacements are available
  • Easy assembly
  • Ready for immediate shipment

Make an investment that will help save money and increase efficiency in the long term by choosing pallet rack beams for your warehouse. Pallet rack beams are a versatile and low-maintenance option that can increase storage space while offering stability and security that is necessary, no matter what you sell.