Push Back Rack System

Do you need more storage density in your warehouse? A push back rack system is a great way to make the best use of your warehouse storage without slowing product rotation or increasing handling time. They are versatile and efficient for small spaces, and although a forklift or pallet jack can be used, they are not necessary with this rack, depending on the configuration you choose.

What Is a Push Back Rack System?

A push back rack system is designed to allow pallets to be stored 2-6 deep and can be accessed from either side of an aisle, giving you greater storage density than many other racking systems. A push back system can potentially double or even triple storage density compared to standard pallet racking or double deep pallet racking systems.

How Push Back Racking Works

A push back rack system is comprised of nesting carts or trays and two inclined rails on which the carts ride. For example, a lane that is 4 deep will require 3 carts. A pallet is loaded onto the top cart, and when the second pallet is loaded, the first pallet is pushed back onto the cart and the second pallet takes its place on the first cart. Then, a third pallet pushes the first and second pallets back and takes its place in the as the front pallet. The last pallet is loaded by pushing the first three pallets and carts back and putting the load directly on the rails.

To unload, the sequence is done in reverse order. The rails are sloped towards the aisle so that when the pallet sitting directly on the rails in unloaded, the 3 remaining pallets move forward toward the front of the rack. They can then each be removed as needed.

Types of Push Back Racking

Push back racks can be used in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, food distribution, third-party logistics facilities, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. They are fully operational in coolers and freezers and do not require special forklifts.

Inventory mix is the key factor in determining the type of push back racks suitable for your warehouse storage. The chart below can help you determine the push back rack system that will supply the storage density you need.

Advantages of Push Back Racking

The biggest advantage of push back pallet racks is that they offer storage selectivity and storage density. With this type of system, you can easily access different pallets or SKUs and also increase storage density by storing numerous pallets per position. Because of these benefits, the popularity of new and used push back pallet racks has steadily grown in recent decades.

Additional benefits include:

  • Offers more warehouse storage than many other storage systems
  • Minimizes the honeycombing effect common to drive-in rack systems
  • Allows storage of more SKUs
  • Saves labor costs since forklift drivers don’t have to move blocking pallets
  • Provides more storage rack area with a single-aisle design
  • Features fast and easy pallet loading and unloading
  • Allows for flexible design options for last in/fist out (LIFO) or first in/first out (FIFO) layouts

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