used pallet racking

Used Pallet Racks

Pallet racks help you make better use of vertical space by enabling you to store more materials on high shelves and keep your warehouse neat and organized. Used pallet racks are a practical and economic choice for warehouse storage and operations.

Used Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet rack beams run horizontally between pallet rack uprights to connect the frames to each other, creating a shelf. They are weight bearing structures that come in different lengths and heights, depending on the size of pallet racks required as well as the dimensions and weight of the items to be stored.

Beams come in various styles. Teardrop beams – named for the teardrop-shaped punch hole – give you a secure beam-to-frame connection. Made of structural steel, structural beams are bolted onto the frames and provide support for above average loads. Rivet beams are a good, general purpose storage option. Keystone beams use a locking clip that prevents accidental beam uplift.

Used Pallet Rack Uprights

Pallet rack uprights dictate the depth and height of your pallet rack system. Two uprights form the beginning of the pallet rack structure. Once these are in place, only one upright is required to add on to the original rack.

When choosing your uprights, consider load and total shelf capacities. The depth will depend on the depth of your pallets. To determine how many uprights you will need, figure out how many shelf levels you will need. Then, decide what style of upright goes with your system.

Teardrop uprights have become very popular, mainly because of their innovative design that allows for quick and easy assembly without using fasteners or clips. Structural uprights are used for supporting heavy loads and are secured with bolts. New style is also fast and easy to install. Keystone uprights reduce secondary stress and protect against metal tearing.

Used Pallet Rack Components & Accessories

Used pallet rack accessories are a great way to maximize your investment. Below are some popular pallet rack accessories.

  • Row spacers are used to tie two back-to-back rows together. They are usually placed 6” from the top and bottom of the uprights, about 10’ apart.
  • Pallet supports sit in or on the loaded beams to provide additional support to the structure. They are used for extra heavy loads and non-standard sized pallets.
  • Column protectors protect the upright at the base from forklift damage. Forklift damage can weaken the entire frame and eventually lead to a collapse.

Used Wire Decking for Pallet Racks

Used wire decking consists of different gauge steel rods welded into a mesh pattern that provides secondary support to your pallet racks. It is made up of two components: support channels that rest on the load beam to provide structural support in the same way a pallet support would and wire mesh that supplies additional coverage, creating a complete shelf between the beams.

We carry a large inventory of used pallet racks, beams, uprights, wire decking, and accessories. Contact us today to see what we have in stock.