Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks and pallet pumps, are an essential tool for any warehouse. When you need to move a pallet easily and quickly, a pallet jack is a great solution for moving smaller and larger pallets of manufactured goods from one location to another.

New & Used Pallet Jacks

Everything Warehouse carries top-quality, fully guaranteed new and used pallet jacks that will help you get the job done.

We have a variety of new and used pallet jacks, including manual pallet jacks, low profile jacks, cold storage pallet backs, pallet stackers, electric power jacks, and more. Our expert warehouse equipment consultants can work with you to find the pallet jacks that will meet all your warehouse needs.

What is a Pallet Jack?

A pallet jack is a basic form of a forklift used for dealing with heavy loads. Using a hydraulic system, the jack is steered by a “tiller” that acts as a pump for raising the jack. A handle pump releases hydraulic fluid, which then lowers the two forks of the jack. There are wheels on the front and back of the jack.

To use a manual pallet jack, you must first release the pallet truck’s handle pump to ensure the two forks are at ground level. Then, line up the pallet jack and pallet so the two forks enter through the corresponding openings of the front or back of the pallet. Once the forks are in, pump the pallet jack’s handle until the pallet is completely off the ground. Now, you can wheel around your pallet to wherever it needs to go.

Types of Pallet Jacks

There are two main types of pallet trucks, manual and powered. Beyond these two categories, warehouse owners can choose from an array of styles. For example, a corrosion-resistant stainless pallet truck can withstand harsh conditions and may be ideal for outdoor lumberyards and fishing docks.

A pallet truck scale has duel-functionality as it moves pallets with ease and provides a scale. A multi-directional pallet jack has a greater turning radius and can go forward, backward and sideways.

First, though, you’ll need to decide if a manual or electric pallet truck is right for your warehouse.

Manual Pallet Jack

A manual pallet jack is hand powered and can commonly be seen in retail and smaller warehousing operations. Most manual pallet trucks can carry a load of up to 5,500 pounds, though, there are some deluxe versions with a load capacity of over 7,000 pounds.

Manual pallet jacks are typically used to move pallets over small distances.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Also known as electric pallet trucks, these jacks are motorized and allow for lifting and moving heavier and stacked pallets. Electric pallet jacks are ideal for warehouses where pallet loads are more than 5,000 pounds. Some electric pallet jacks actually have a platform for users to stand on as they move the items.

Features & Benefits

Pallet jacks are great for moving around all types of manufactured goods and are often used in the retail industry, automotive industry and even by airlines who often carry cargo beyond consumer suitcases.

Along with some of the styles noted, you can also find pallet jacks that are heavy duty, can be pumped using your feet, have an adjustable width, and much more. In addition, many pallet trucks are colored with a powder-coat, which is great if you have multiple jacks belonging to different departments within a warehouse.

Some of the benefits of pallet jacks include:

  • Can cover small or large (for electric jacks) distances in a short period of time
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces risk of back injuries and fatigue

Long-lasting Build

One of the greatest benefits of pallet jacks is their long-lasting strength, durability, and dependability.

Maintenance, such as lubricating the fittings, checking for oil leaks or deformities in the components, and cleaning dirt and debris can prolong the life of the pallet back. Over time, you may also need to replace the forklift tires after they have been worn out.

With proper upkeep, your pallet jacks can last several years if not more.

If you are seeking to replace your old pallet jack, purchase a new one or buy an electric pallet jack, Everything Warehouse has new and used pallet jacks. We can help you determine which model will work best in your warehouse so you can handle pallets efficiently and safely.