Used Industrial Metal Shelving

If you find that your inventory is growing faster than your allotted organizational space you’ll need to uncover a way to accommodate these rapidly expanding items.

However, when money is tight and your budget is limited for warehouse shelving units, Everything Warehouse can help. We offer a wide selection of used heavy, steel industrial shelving units that will meet your needs.

We ensure that every used industrial shelving system will perform like a new set of industrial units — but at a lower cost. Order directly from us or consult with one of our warehouse professionals to determine the perfect storage system for your specific space.

Types of Used Industrial Metal Shelving Unitstypes-of-industrial-shelving-units

Everything Warehouse has a wide variety of shelving units to fit your every need. Whether you’re looking to organize your inventory or important documents, choose from units that are open, closed, easy for hand loading, utilizes vertical spaces and much more.

  • Industrial shelving closed or open for easy access from both sides
  • Single or double rivet shelving
  • Record storage shelving
  • Modular drawer shelving
  • Wire shelving
  • Bulk storage shelves
  • Shelf support mezzanine
  • Basket rack locker

Benefits of Used Industrial Metal Shelving Units

Used industrial shelving units are a perfect storage solution. Failing to properly store your foods can lead to production slowdowns, inventory inaccuracies and possibly even costly accidents.

Some benefits of industrial shelving units include:

  • Ability to keep inventory better organized
  • Makes the most of your space
  • Makes it easier to access supplies and inventory
  • Machines can navigate clean shelving aisles much more easily
  • Provides a safer space for employees
  • Increases productivity

Sizing Available

Shelving systems come many different sizes, so you should determine ahead of time which size will work best in your warehouse.

Some common sizes available include:

  • 12 X 36
  • 12 x 48
  • 15 x 36
  • 15 x 42
  • 18 x 36
  • 18 x 48
  • 24 x 36
  • 24 x 48
  • 30 x 36
  • 30 x 42
  • 36 x 36

Everything warehouse offers shelving systems in these sizes and beyond. We can help you find the perfect fit for small and large spaces alike. Furthermore, you can make adjustments as your items expand and grow.


At Everything Warehouse, our crew is experienced in helping warehouse owners determine what shelving units will work best with them. Furthermore, we have experienced installers who can handle any job, including the installation of your industrial shelving units.

Our experienced installers can handle any project, no matter the size.

If you would prefer to handle installation on your own, our products are fast and easy to assemble.

Solutions for Used Industrial Shelving Units

Everything Warehouse offers a vast selection of used industrial shelving units and our customer service is second to none. We have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. Everything Warehouse was recently voted #1 Best Overall Value in the industry!

Our purchasing team is constantly buying liquidations from major distribution houses and retail facilities throughout the country. We purchase only top quality used items in wide varieties.

Contact Everything Warehouse toll-free today at 800-380-7816 or fill out an online contact form to send an inquiry about our products.