Used Wire Decking for Pallet Racks

Wire decks increase the structure and stability of your storage unit and provide additional strength for pallets stored on the racking. Decking also helps to rescue product which may fall out of packaging on to your storage unit. If you are considering used wire decking for your warehouse needs, check out the benefits of the different types first before making your decision.

Types of Used Wire Decking

There are a variety of used wire decking types, dependent on the industry your warehouse is in and its specific needs. Read through the following types of decking below before making the decision of the best choice for your business.

Flared wire decking – This type of wire decking allows decks to be used with both box and step beams. Unlike step style, however, a waterfall wraps around the beam.

Step wire decking – These are designed with the channel supports resting inside the step beam, and are the most popular style of deck for warehouse pallet racks.

Inverted flared wire decking – This type of used wire decking is created with food applications in mind (mainly food applications that include structural pallet racking). If your warehouse is in the food manufacturing or food distribution industries, this is a great choice for you.

Inverted step wire decking – Inverted step wire decking helps provide a cleaner storage application, and avoid any debris build-up and moisture build-up. To do this properly, the step channel supports of the wire deck are inverted upside down, with openings facing the floor. This type of wire deck is popular for use both in clean rooms and in food storage facilities.

Inside waterfall wire decking – This type of wire decking hides the wires inside the step, leaving beam faces unobstructed.

Used Wire Decking Options

On top of the common types of used wire decking available, you can also choose to create your own. There are a variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack and any application.

Maybe you need long beams, a deep rack, heavy load capacity, or some other specific adjustment. Take a look at your capacities, load requirements, equipment used, load handling, and other criteria before making a decision on exactly what you need.

In order to place an order of your own design, you will need to first:

  • Choose a wire diameter of 2 gauge, 4 gauge, or 6 gauge
  • Select fabric configuration to accommodate the products’ size, weight, and shapes
  • Choose your reinforcing channels

Remember, used wire decking is designed to provide your warehouse with increased stability and protection, while providing the ability to store split case and open case items on to shelves. In addition, they offer support for pallet loads that conventional pallet support bars may not be able to provide alone. Using wire mesh deck in pallet rack storage also reduces shadows and bad lighting, resulting in brighter warehouses. Increased distribution of existing lighting is proven to reduce accidents and increase stocking and picking efficiency.

Consider used wire decking for your warehouse needs, and if you decide it is the right fit for you, be sure to contact the leading provider of warehouse racking and shelving systems, Everything Warehouse, to place your order today.