Teardrop Pallet Rack

The most commonly used and best known style of pallet racking storage systems for warehouses is the teardrop pallet rack. If you are seeking a system for storage racking that is exchangeable for your recent rack constituents, or simply need to add on additional pieces and accessories to your current pallet rack system, a teardrop racking system may be right for you.

Teardrop racking received its name from the teardrop-shaped punches which run side by side along the racks. This universal design makes it easy to incorporate new teardrop racks into old or already existing rack systems. This also means you can add on frames and beams as and when they are needed, without needing to re-do the entire system. The teardrop rack accessories commonly available include pallet supports and cross bars, wire decking, row spacers, wall ties, column protectors, concrete anchors, and shims.

Teardrop Pallet Racking Advantages

Teardrop pallet racking provides the option for growth and changing out pieces throughout time, as the teardrop design is well-suited to be used with every teardrop pallet rack size and style. On top of this, other advantages to this system include:

  • Cost effective – less steel is used to cover the same area
  • Easy installation and re-configuration
  • Wide range of rack accessory options – this variety will help you pick and choose the accessories you require for your application
  • Beam levels can be moved easily – when you need to accommodate different sizes of product, you will be able to adjust as you see fit

Teardrop racking applications are an effective option for facilities that already have a teardrop rack in place but require additional constituents or replacements. It is a great choice for retail, logistics, pharmaceutical, and other basic warehouse environments. Finally, it is ideal for any facility that stores products which have a range of size and weights, since teardrop racks can be configured to meet different requirements.

Teardrop pallet rack systems not only improves warehouses versatility but also expands on its capabilities. By adding and arranging various teardrop raking accessories into your system, you can simply your storage and shipping processes while keeping expenses down and improving production.