Sell Used Warehouse Equipment and Get Quick Cash

We make warehouse equipment liquidation fast and easy. When you need to sell used warehouse equipment, we can give you the best prices and quickly connect you to the right buyer. Whether you are downsizing or going out of business, reshuffling and clearing out warehouse equipment you no longer use, or are in need of quick cash, we can help. Our liquidators can find you the best price and get you fast cash for your used equipment.

Pallet Racks & Wire Decking

Pallet racks are the most popular type of industrial racking and we are one of the largest liquidators of used pallet racks. We can also find a buyer for your used metal wire decking.


We liquidate mezzanine floor systems. These free-standing steel structures can easily be dismantled and sent to the buyer.


Industrial conveyor systems are used in manufacturing and distribution centers to handle cartons, pallets, totes, and components as well as work-in-progress and finished goods.

Forklifts & Pallet Jacks

Forklifts are an important part of warehouse operations. They can be powered by gas, diesel, electricity or propane. We can find a buyer for all types of forklifts. We also handle pallet jacks suitable for moving pallets of any weight.

Cantilever Shelving

Cantilever shelving gives easier access for storage and retrieval. They are a popular solution for any businesses that needs heavy duty shelving and/or industrial racking and can be easily liquidated.

Industrial Metal Shelvingindustrial-shelving

We liquidate industrial metal shelving used to organize cluttered spaces. These are vital warehouse tools for tracking and retrieving inventory.

Shrink Wrappers

A shrink wrap machine can heat shrink and seal packaging. It includes a sealer that closes the open ends of packaging and a heat source that shrinks it down to fit tightly around the item being wrapped.

Dock Ramps

We buy steel and aluminum dock plates, boards, and levelers for use in loading yards or warehouses.

Pallet Flow

Most warehouses require customization for their pallet flow pallet racks. We can find the perfect buyer for your pallet flow racks.

Drive-in/Drive-Thru Racks

Drive-in/Drive-Thru racks are efficient storage systems and are used with pallet jacks and forklifts. We can find the right buyer for each of these systems.

Push Back Rackspush-back-pallet-racks

Push back racks can handle a lot of inventory in a small space. We can find the right buyer for these systems.

Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks help ensure proper inventory turn-around while also accommodating dense storage. We find and sell used warehouse equipment to buyers who need storage in tight spaces.

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