Top Reasons Cantilever Shelves Can Improve Your Warehouse Design and Profitability

Cantilever Shelves installation instructions

Cantilever shelves, also known as cantilever racks, cantilever pipe racks, and lumber storage racks, are heavy storage racks designed to support large loads of industrial materials. Cantilever shelves provide a durable, economical, and flexible solution for storing hefty or bulky items, and they can be an excellent way to improve your warehouse’s design, storage capacity, and overall profitability. Once you know what’s available, you’ll want to know how it can impact your warehouse bottom line.

  • Durability – they simply last longer. You may feel like it’s a big investment now, but in the long run, the durability will save you from having to replace either shelves or damaged inventory due to falling from less expensive shelves. Using cantilever shelving with larger carrying capacities can give you the peace of mind that your shelves will not break—and that the items they are holding will stay safe and secure.

  • Flexibility and Customizability – saves on custom shelving.Cantilever shelves already come in all shapes and sizes and allow for many different configurations depending on your storage needs. Rather than invest in custom-made shelving, investing in a good cantilever shelving unit that is flexible lets you  adjust as needed based on inventory and timing.

  • Adjustable Height – saves employee time, reduces employee injury. The stacked design of cantilever shelves enables you to adjust the shelving height to your inventory and the traffic patterns of the inventory, making it more convenient for the items you move most frequently.  This can save on employee time and reduce possible injuries from constant reaching or bending to get well-used items. Furthermore, since cantilever shelving does not have front columns like traditional pallet racks, so you can quickly reach items from a horizontal angle and can stack your shelves much higher, saving time and space.

  • Accessible – saves time and fuel. Many types of cantilever shelves are made to be readily accessible for warehouse employees. Choose a system that allows employees to load and unload shelves without the use of forklifts or other special equipment, saving on fuel and maintenance costs of machinery.

  • Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use – saves money with flexibility. Many types of cantilever shelves can withstand a broad spectrum of climates, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use throughout the year and saving you the time and money needed to move shelving or stored items when seasons change.

  • Safety – reduce risk of employee injury and inventory accidents. You can create a safer work environment for your employees because the accessibility of cantilever shelves not only makes your employees’ work significantly easier—it also makes it safer. When employees can readily reach stored items without having to climb ladders or operate heavy machinery, you see fewer falls, accidents, or employee injuries, saving you money on time lost and workers compensation.

  • Affordability- the price is right. Though prices vary depending on shelving designs, cantilever shelves are generally economical, enabling you to save money on storage. Used cantilever shelves can be especially cost-effective, as long as you inspect them for wear and tear prior to installing and use only safe shelving.

  • Practicality and Profitability – Putting money in your pocket. Talk to your warehouse specialist and designer to see how cantilever shelving can help you be more profitable by using space wisely and making jobs easier. You’ll find you can conserve on time, space, labor and training by simply using a practical solution. Not only does it expand your capacity and safely store your inventory, it positions you for profitability!

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