2020 Vision – Is the Future of Warehousing Clear

It’s that time of year again when industry gurus start projecting the future sales trends and market indicators. The products, people and technology to watch are identified and we anticipate all of the innovative things that are going to happen as we embark on a new decade. Through all of this, we get so wrapped up in the technology and new apps that we don’t give credence to the basics. 

This New Year, let’s see what we can predict about the basics of client service, core products, and employee satisfaction. These can be in any order you wish, because each is dependent on the other. We foresee growth in each of these areas for both our organization and our clients. 

Here’s why: 

Client service – Everyone says they want to provide excellent client service. In today’s virtual world, it’s easy to get bogged down in social media, texting, tweeting and more. If current trends continue, consumers will still be airing their grievances to their online communities, sending emails into cyberspace in hopes of them landing at a solution, and dialing customer help lines that put them in an endless robo-voice mailbox with no personal interaction whatsoever. Why? That’s what companies think people want. 

We think there’s more to it. Ideally, excellent customer service is customized to each client. Some people don’t need personal interaction, others need it in varying degrees. We give our customers a choice. If you want to talk to a person at Everything Warehouse, there’s an easy-to-find number on every page of our website. You will get the voice of a real person, either live or via voice mail, not a robotic recitation. You will get a live person returning your message. If you prefer meetings or face-to-face interaction, we have that too. Or, stop by our new offices at (address)! We’ve recently moved because of our business growth, thanks to all of our satisfied clients. We’d love to see you in person! 

Customized customer service also applies to proactive efforts. At Everything Warehouse, we strive to make every interaction with you a positive one. We work with you on product selection that’s right for your needs, we deliver the products in a timely manner using trusted delivery services, and we follow up to make sure your new rack system, shelving system or warehousing machine is satisfactory. If it’s not, we’ll make it so. 

Core products – Warehouses may be more automated and high-tech this next decade, but the bread and butter of quality core product can’t be ignored. Pallet racks, storage racks and rack systems will be in style for many years to come. Our warehouse professionals can help you to design the most efficient storage system possible with the space you have. The result will include a combination of quality products using heavy-duty materials that will endure and allow for growth and inventory expansion. The coming years will offer more innovation in rack systems, including automation. Everything Warehouse is committed to bringing you these innovations in a timely manner and supporting your needs once the product is in use. 

Employee satisfaction – There’s no doubt about it – satisfied employees are more productive and more likely to provide good customer service. The team at Everything Warehouse is just that – a team. We’ve recently moved to our new location in (address) because we were outgrowing the old space. A move is always stressful and adds to the duties of every person. Our staff has seen the light at the end of the tunnel of overwhelming chaos, knowing that the new digs will foster professional growth, increase productivity and facilitate camaraderie. Many employee suggestions were incorporated into our new space. We invite you to come visit! 

In addition, Everything Warehouse employees keep current on market trends and innovations through in-house training and external seminars. Their continuing education benefits our customers. We think our employees genuinely enjoy being here. We’re all part of the same team, striving to provide quality product and service at a value to our customers, and we project this will continue to be clear in 2020.

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