Those “Extra” Holiday Safety Tips

When you bring in extra employees, otherwise known as temporary or seasonal workers, both the new employees and existing teams need to be reminded of the warehouse procedures.  When it comes to safety in particular, you should review the safety procedures with both groups of employees.  While your full-time team may guffaw at this, periodic reviews that keep safety top-of-mind are what save people from accidents.  Make it part of your ongoing safety program.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Remind your regular employees that many of the seasonal workers are coming in with little or no experience, so this is all new to them.  They are the “new kid on the block” and should be both welcomed as such, but also treated as such. 
  • Ask your team to “watch out for the new guy.”  Positioned positively, that means to keep your eye on the newbies to make sure they get help when needed and are following procedures, but also to have their backs just like you would with your regular colleagues.  These people are only with you a short time, and by the time they get acclimated, it will be the end of their stay. 
  • Encourage temporary workers to show interest in the warehouse operation and try to understand the procedures. 
  • Emphasize the importance of safety and provide a formal safety review of rules and regulations. 
  • Welcome questions at all times – no question is silly if you don’t know the answer or the procedure – asking may prevent accidents or unwanted loss of product or time. 
  • Make it clear to everyone that only qualified employees use any mechanical equipment. 
  • Seasonal workers should introduce themselves.
  • Everyone needs to work safely.
  • Know your limits – that applies to everyone and means don’t try to be a super hero or show off to impress the manager.  Temporary workers hoping to get a foot in the door should focus on performing their assigned jobs in the most cheerful and efficient way possible.  That’s what will bring you back next year.
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