New vs. Used Warehouse Fixtures

The “used,” or “gently worn” description is often applied to items that are not in perfect resale condition. The item might have a few scratches, or a worn patch, but generally it’s acceptable and will serve its purpose.

If you’re adding to or replacing fixtures in your warehouse, you’ll find that there are lots of “used” pieces out there that many dealers are trying to offload. A few years ago, when the economy was slumping, used fixtures were a fair consideration. They were priced well below new and were in excellent condition – a result of short-lived warehouse businesses that weren’t open long enough to beat up the racks. Now, however, the price of used racking has increased. Warehouse managers are trying to sell their used fixtures for close to full retail price. Used inventory is slim, as is the market for it.

While Everything Warehouse does carry used racking and other used products, we caution our customers that buying used in this category is often a shot in the dark. You don’t know if there is intrinsic damage, or if it will be sturdy enough to hold heavy loads. It’s better to invest a few extra dollars in high-quality, new racking that is certified to hold certain weights. The money you save on a used system will be completely wasted if your inventory is damaged by a weak rack. If payment is an issue, ask if the distributor takes credit cards. This gives you a built-in payment plan, yet the luxury of immediate gratification and results on the warehouse floor.

Finally, be sure your racking is installed properly. Distributors usually install only new fixtures. They don’t want to be responsible for faulty used product. Keep in mind that you can have the industry’s highest grade new racking, but if it’s improperly installed, it’s worthless. Research the distribution company’s experience and track record of satisfied customers. Ask to speak to some of those customers, if you’re still hesitant.

Most importantly, whether you’re buying used or new products, choose a company that stands behind its product and installation – 100 percent.

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