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New and Used Pallet Racking

If you need to buy new or used pallet racking for your warehouse, look no further. You probably already know that pallet racking is the most popular type of industrial rack storage. What you may not know is that Everything Warehouse is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of value-priced used pallet storage racks and pallet rack systems.

Sections, known as Pallet Rack Bays, are created using Uprights (also called Frames) as the vertical support columns. The horizontal Beams, in pairs, make the levels that support loads when held up by pallet rack uprights. Each pallet rack bay must have at least two uprights, but if you want to have multiple bays in a row, you can use a common upright to connect the bays.

Whether you are looking for a new pallet rack system, or to buy used pallet racking, you’ve come to the right source. We even provide racking column protectors which will reduce the amount of damage your racking systems or warehouse may incur. Everything Warehouse has the most popular sizes in new and used pallet racking at unbelievably low prices in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Be sure to ask about our forklifts and pallet jacks, too.

Standard Pallet Racksstandard-pallet-racks

Standard pallet racks allow direct access to each pallet on the rack. They are customizable and easy to adjust. They are easy to add to a pre-existing racking system, as most styles are compatible with each other. They are also easy to reconfigure if you need increased industrial storage or if your warehouse layout changes. We also have pallet rack supported mezzanines that can easily be integrated with your current racking system.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are perfect for storing long items such as lumber or steel that are too awkward to fit on pallets. With cantilever racks, you can avoid vertical uprights that make it harder to place items on the shelf. The horizontal beams on cantilever racks make it easy. These racks are most often used in hardware stores, lumber yards, and plumbing supplies warehouses.

Pallet Flow Rackspallet-flow-racking

Pallet flow racks are a first in, first out system. They allow high-density storage as well as easy retrieval and product handling. This system minimizes the space required by minimizing aisles. They can hold up to 20 pallets in one lane and facilitate efficient and fast inventory turnover.

Drive In Pallet Racks

Drive-in pallet rack systems are last-in, first out storage systems. They can store pallets 2, 3, or more, deep. They offer greater storage density but less selectivity. They are an excellent option for items with a longer shelf-life and that don’t require immediate access.

Push Back Pallet Rackspush-back-pallet-racks

Push back pallet racks give you high density, first-in, first-out storage. With this system, you can store pallets 2-5 deep and still have easy access to many different SKUs. Once a pallet is placed on the rack, it is pushed back by additional pallets as they are loaded. The reverse happens when pallets are removed from the racks. Product stocking and retrieval is easy and since you need less aisle space you have more space for storage.

Teardrop Pallet Racks

Teardrop pallet racks are created through a welding process, rather than being bolted down. This creates enhanced stability and strength for your products storage. Step beams are the heavy duty rails you see in teardrop racks which help provide additional storage security. Interlake, one of the most popular pallet rack designers, created both new and old style teardrop style beams. However, a new shaved pin style beam has been created that is easily compatible with both new and old style racking systems.

Sizing Available for Pallet Racking


8' X 36"$59
8' X 42" $65
10' X 42"$70
12' X 42"$74.50
16' X 42"$89
18' X 42"$105
20' X 42"$119
24' X 42"$149


96" X 3"3,000 lb$17
96" X 4 1/2"5,200 lb$21.90
108" X 4 1/25,080 lb$24.75
144" X 5"5,500 lb$33.90
144" X 6"6,100 lb$38.90

Racking Installation

Pallet racks installation happens in various ways, depending on the type of racking system that fits your needs. Our professional team places safety and efficiency first when installing pallet racking, from the wire decking system to special flooring requirements.

Wire Decking System

If you’re tired of chasing dust bunnies around your shelves, a drop-in wire decking system may be your answer! Wire decking is one of the easiest shelving systems to install and provides shelving that “breathes.”

No more dust accumulation on your shelves thanks to sturdy, industrial strength wire decking. Your inventory will require less maintenance and will always have a fresh, new appearance.

Trust only the leading industry experts to provide you with top steel grade wire decking – Everything Warehouse has the largest variety of wire decking, ready to be shipped to your home or office.

Wire Decking Storage Solutions

How can a wire decking shelving unit actually make life easier? Here’s how:

  • Easy, drop-in installation shelving – no tools required!
  • Wire decking provides galvanized steel grade metal support which reinforces the entire shelving unit, providing extra safety and security.
  • Perfect for grocery or pharmaceutical items – perishable items won’t collect dust or dirt which could compromise the integrity of the product.
  • You can easily see your inventory thanks to wire decking! You’ll no longer have to move items around to see what’s in the middle or in the back.

Sizing Available for Wire Decking


24" X 46"$13.88
36" X 46"$14.88
42" X 46"$15.88
42" X 52"$21
48" X 46"$22

Just like our range in size, we offer a range in price to accommodate any budget. Our warehouse professionals are constantly purchasing liquidations from major distributors and retailers so that we can offer the best prices in the industry.

Clean house today and call Everything Warehouse toll-free, at 800-380-7816 or send an e-mail. Just supply us with the following information: 

  • Desired height of overall pallet rack system
  • Desired width
  • Desired depth (from 24” to 60”)
  • Approximate weight load per level
  • Number of levels per bay

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Everything Warehouse provides shipping pallet racks to anywhere in the country. Quick and easy pallet racking shipping is done for the following areas:

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