Don’t Risk Rack Failure

A warehouse manager’s biggest nightmare has to be failure of one of the warehouse systems.  Whether it’s the temperature control system or the inventory control system, any failure is a risk to the daily business and the product at hand.  Rack failure can have a huge effect on a warehouse’s productivity and profitability.  The dangers run the gamut of possible injuries to workers to broken or ruined product to damage to the environment.

Today’s rack systems are sequenced and planned for inventory efficiency.  They are designed to be movable and flexible, but with that flexibility comes a certain amount of risk.  The racking manufacturers anticipate that risk by incorporating safety features like locking mechanisms.  These features are only as good as their installation.  If the racks aren’t installed properly, there’s risk of failure through unintentional movement.  The solution:  have your racks installed by an experienced team.  But be ready for their professional input. 

  • Schedule a specific date and time for the installation to occur.  Choose a time when the warehouse is closed or not very busy.   
  • Be sure you have all of the appropriate people from your company on-site at the time of installation, including floor managers and inventory pickers.  Anyone who requires education on the rack system should be available. 
  • Be sure you’ve prepared the area where the new system will be positioned.  Show the installers the entire warehouse space, not just the area where the racks will be installed.  They may pick up on some subtle nuance that needs to be addressed when installing or they may see an obstacle to their installation.
  • Consider the installers part of your team.  Experienced installers have put together hundreds of systems like yours and have been troubleshooters for many challenges presented by the system.  They know that proper installation is just as important as the type of system you choose. 

Don’t risk rack failure – it’s like risking your job.

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