Customized Pallet Racks Increase Efficiency

Have you thought of custom-designing your warehouse space? Instead of just loading in pallets, racks and shelving in rows, consider loading it more toward filling in spaces and having room for odd-sized product cartons. Have your warehouse evaluated for its space. This can be particularly helpful if your company leases its warehouse space. Since most leases are paid by the square footage, an efficient floor plan will not only increase productivity for picking and packing inventory, it will also be a great way to address facility costs, keeping them to the minimum square footage.

One of the ways to maximize space is through creative pallet racking. Using your vertical space wisely is one of the keys to getting more from your square footage. Everything Warehouse can customize your warehouse floor almost any way you wish. We’d recommend pallet racks for inventory that doesn’t crush – specifically paper products and some food products. By using uprights of various heights linked with pairs of horizontal beams, we can create a system of levels and connected bays that works with your specific product mix. We can design the racks based on your cartons – tall, wide, square, rectangular, slim – you name it. Organize the warehouse floor according to product, inventory timing or even size and weight of products – whatever you think will be most efficient and understood by your work team.

Uprights range from eight feet to 20 feet high, and the widths of the racks can range from 96 inches to 144 inches. The varied depths of the uprights and beams allow for true customization. Let us visit your warehouse and provide this valuable, free service. What have you got to lose?

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